I’ve gotta stop pretending these are anything more than photo dumps. The Penguins played the Stars in the Dallas 2015-16 home opener and (sadly) got shut out 3-0. Here are the photos I took during warmups.

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The past couple weeks have been insane – I moved into a house in Hyde Park, went to SXSW Interactive for work, drove to Dallas for the Penguins/Stars game, met up with/hosted friends from out of state and squeezed as much SX music stuff in as I could. Overall the past 14 days have been awesome, but also I kind of just want to sleep until April. So I’m posting this blog and then napping, probably.

P.S. Will someone ask the Penguins why they refuse to win a game in front of me? Thanks.

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The Dallas Stars had a scrimmage in Cedar Park Center this weekend, which just happens to be where I have season tickets to see the Texas Stars this year. Jess and I snagged seats behind one of the benches and naturally my camera tagged along.

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The Texas Stars have made it to the Calder Cup Finals and I managed to get tickets behind the Stars’ bench to games 1 and 2. Game 1 was incredible, the Stars beating St. John’s 6-3 to claim the first win of the series. Game 2 wasn’t as great; the Stars fell to the Ice Caps 2-1 after a valiant effort to fight their way into the lead.

The next 3 games of the series will be in St. John’s, which seems a bit far for a road trip, so I guess I’ll be cheering the Stars on from home.

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 12.35.10 PM

I’m so glad I started going to Stars games this season. If there’s a local hockey team in your city you should check them out, it’s definitely a sport best experienced live. Also, we’re getting season tickets next season and I may have some guest seats for anyone who wants to come visit me in Austin. *hint hint*

Check out my photos from behind the bench below.

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This weekend I was in Dallas to see the Stars play the Pittsburgh Penguins, my favorite hockey team. Yes, I am into hockey now. Don’t question it.

I’ve been planning this trip with my roommate Jessica and our friend Lacye for months, and it was awesome (even if the outcome was less than desirable for the Penguins). Obviously this means we’re going to have to travel to see the Penguins much more often than the one time a year they come to Texas.

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Today Bryan Cranston was scheduled to talk at an event on UT’s campus (oh by the way, I work here now) and I was bummed because I hadn’t gotten a ticket. But lo and behold, a pop culture miracle occurred and less than an hour before it started my coworker Allen, who spent every Monday this summer geeking out with me about the most recent episode of Breaking Bad, asked me if I wanted to go because he had two tickets and basically I screamed “YES” in his face.

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