Stars vs. Stars

The Dallas Stars had a scrimmage in Cedar Park Center this weekend, which just happens to be where I have season tickets to see the Texas Stars this year. Jess and I snagged seats behind one of the benches and naturally my camera tagged along.

Also we got temporary tattoos.

And were extremely appreciative of our surroundings.

“Emily, if I wanted to see your tweets I wouldn’t have unfollowed you two years ago.”

Yeah, well, FINE. Look at some DSLR pictures, I guess, you snobs.

Jack Campbell auditioning for an Aquafina commercial.

Kevin Connauton in artistic blur. Once at a Stars practice he shot a puck at the glass in front of Jess’ face and laughed when she flinched.

Jamie Benn surveys the ice.

Tyler Seguin confronts the confusing entity that is stick tape.

Connauton takes a breather.

He really pulls off a beard for a blonde guy.

Antoine Roussel tests the range of his facial muscles.

Roussel from a slightly different angle.

Jamie gets some moody stretches in.

And then makes sure his bucket won’t fall off.

Seguin squints at the tiny men on his visor.

I don’t want to know.

Tyler and Jamie watching from the bench. I think something mildly shocking is about to happen after their next shift.


The divide of self. Solemnity. #Art.

Eyelashes longer than Sookie Stackhouse.

Lindy Ruff gets some coaching in.

Someone get Jamie a towel.

Taylor Peters gets some ice time in a Dallas jersey.

“We’re down 2-6, can we call it yet?”

Jamie retapes his stick for the 12th time.

Jamie and Tyler conspiring.

Me too, Segs.

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