emily nielsen.
strategic communicator.
native tulsan. okstate grad. adopted austinite.
public affairs specialist for the university of texas’ liberal arts college.
tv addict. nap enthusiast. unabashed pop music aficionado. social media nerd.
(see: twitterfacebookyoutubelast.fmgetgluelinkedin,  tumblrinstagramvizify)

Expert blogger since the tender age of 13:

Emily is without a doubt the most stubborn person I have ever known.
-Karen Nielsen, on her (then) 3-year-old daughter.

My life would be an empty blog full of photos of Starbucks cups and high heels if it wasn’t for Emily. And for that, we should all be eternally grateful.
-Jessica St. Ama

“Person with the most infectious/contagious/outrageous/etc enthusiasm about everything: @eknielsen.”
– Brittany Wolfe

“Every day Emily makes me love her more, and I hate her for that.”
-Beth Millar

“People in real life are beginning to ask me if you’re OK because you use a lot of caps in your tweets…”
-Sam Durbin

Emily has the same first name as me.
-Emily Pearson

“Whatever Emily, you’re older than One Direction.”
-Molly Robinson

“Emily should never create a helpful advice blog.”
-Kati DeLozier

“I blame you for everything.”
-Erika Hefler

Other people see Emily on the street and think, ‘Oh, there goes Emily Nielsen, no one special.’ But me? I see her and think, ‘There goes Emily Nielsen. My best friend.’
-Katie Twiss, in 7th grade.

-Emily Knight

I’ve learned all I know from Emily.
-Stephen Hawking*
*not actually Stephen Hawking

your taste is so average.