Penguins vs. Stars

The past couple weeks have been insane – I moved into a house in Hyde Park, went to SXSW Interactive for work, drove to Dallas for the Penguins/Stars game, met up with/hosted friends from out of state and squeezed as much SX music stuff in as I could. Overall the past 14 days have been awesome, but also I kind of just want to sleep until April. So I’m posting this blog and then napping, probably.

P.S. Will someone ask the Penguins why they refuse to win a game in front of me? Thanks.

Monica flew in from Virginia and she was clearly psyched.

Molly came from Seattle and we were both psyched.

At every home Stars game they do a promotional thing where someone gets to take a selfie with Tyler Seguin and THEY PICKED MONICA and it was the best thing that has ever happened.

Jess went back to the locker room with her and something amazing happened.

(He’s her favorite).

Meanwhile, I was watching the Penguins warm up.


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During the game, my curse continued.

(On his own team.)

I wasn’t gonna let it get me down, though.

The crowd around us were also keeping themselves entertained.

And Monica was loving it.

Sadly the Penguins lost 2-1, but it’s hard to be too depressed when you’re a fan of both teams.

We also had a great time reminding Jess about her fist bump.

The next day we went to Stars practice at their rink in Frisco, which was kind of a bust at first because it turned out to be optional for players and a bunch of them weren’t skating. But it was still fun to watch and I got to see some familiar faces from Cedar Park.


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And then we walked over toward the autograph line and Tyler was signing stuff, which he almost never does. Obviously his way of personally apologizing to me.

All in all, not a bad 24 hours.



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