Penguins vs. Stars

This weekend I was in Dallas to see the Stars play the Pittsburgh Penguins, my favorite hockey team. Yes, I am into hockey now. Don’t question it.

I’ve been planning this trip with my roommate Jessica and our friend Lacye for months, and it was awesome (even if the outcome was less than desirable for the Penguins). Obviously this means we’re going to have to travel to see the Penguins much more often than the one time a year they come to Texas.

When we got to the arena later that evening and headed down to watch warm-ups, I saw my doppelganger.

I remained very calm throughout warm-ups and did not lose my composure in any way.

Sadly warm-ups were the most enjoyable part of the game for Lacye and me. The Pens played like garbage and we had excellent, expensive seats to watch them get shut out.

While it sucked to watch the Pens get demolished, the Stars are my other team so I could at least be happy for them. (If still a little bitter.)

Jessica made sure to rub in the loss as much as possible, as any good friend supporting a rival team does.

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  1. I live in Dallas and am a HUGE Pens fan! I was bummed out about the outcome, but it looks like the team is ready for another playoff run. I’m really believing the Stanley Cup is within reach this year!


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