So, uh. I met Ed Sheeran.

On Sunday my mom and I saw Ed Sheeran in Kansas City at The Midland (my, uh, third time seeing him in a two week time span, and her first). Obviously I posted a recap of my first two shows previously. Because I’ve posted about it before I won’t kill you with details, but guys, I MET Ed Sheeran.

 I’d tried to meet him after my show in Austin, but unfortunately he left directly after the show. Because the KC show was my last chance for the foreseeable future to meet him, I was determined to wait it out this time. It helped that our hotel was less than a block from where his tour buses were parked outside the venue.

This time around I had assigned balcony seats instead of GA tickets, which was nice since I’d already spent a combined 20 hours camping out to see him at my other shows. Don’t get me wrong, getting that second row spot was worth the hassle, but I was not interested in suffering through another day of sitting outside on the ground, especially in the cold Kansas City weather.

It was great to see the show from the balcony because it gave it a whole different perspective. I saw elements of the show I wasn’t able to see from eye-level. The performance itself was equally as earth-shattering as it had been before, and I’m not going to try to pretend I wasn’t getting a little (embarrassingly) emotional as the encore was winding down.


  • give me love
  • drunk
  • uni
  • grade 8
  • wayfaring stranger
  • small bump
  • be my husband
  • kiss me (with foy vance)
  • sofa
  • wake me up
  • lego house


  • you need me (15-20 mins with rizzle kicks)
  • gold rush/don’t worry be happy mashup
  • the parting glass
  • the a team

Perhaps my favorite part of the show was looking over my shoulder and seeing someone’s dad sitting down in his seat with a flashlight grading papers. Keep in mind this was in the middle of the first song of the encore, definitely the highest energy song Ed performs.

Here‘s a stripped-down version of the song. The one Ed performs live lasts more than 20 minutes. This dude got a lot of grading done during that time.

After the show we headed outside and around the block to where the buses were parked. We got out there around 10:45, and I think it was about an hour and a half wait in total. Here‘s a recording I made of the crowd on Vine at the time that ended up getting Harley from Rizzle Kicks in the shot.

Around 12:30 there were still about 150 people still waiting outside for Ed to come out. The security from the venue brought some barricades out and then told us all to line up. After that, Ed came out the side door and just stood in the doorway and autographed something for every single person waiting. Which was unbelievably nice of him considering it was about 35 degrees outside at that point and I’m sure he was exhausted. Reasons No. 951 Ed Sheeran is the nicest person alive.

I waited my turn and after about 10 minutes I was within 20 people of him. I just took deep breaths and tried to remain calm NOT BE THAT WEIRD TEARY-EYED GIRL. (I succeeded.) (Kinda.) Of course in my panicked state I forgot every single thing I planned to say to him. So basically I just ended up thanking him 20 billion times in the 5-second span I was in front of him. But he was so nice and made sure to look me right in the eye and smile after he signed my program, which I can assure you will be engraved in my memory for the rest of my days.


I also got it on stupid, cringe-worthy video! (except, yeah, okay I didn’t film him while I was talking to him, I kind of…filmed the ground. But I think it’s really rude when people shove their cameras in famous peoples’ faces!)

I got out of line, calmed down (a little), and then stood behind a barricade and just watched him while he signed for the rest of the line. Here‘s a quick snippet I posted on Vine of him signing. I also took some pictures of people around me who I’d made friends with while we were waiting when they met him and sent them the photos because their phones had died. My mom was the last person in line (because I ordered her to get over there – she’s at the end of that video) and then he grabbed his backpack, slung it over his shoulder and got on his bus. And that was the end of it! So now I’m counting down the (unforetold) days until I get to see him perform live again with my very own eyeballs.



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