Homecoming & Hoops 2012

Homecoming and Hoops is an annual event the night before OSU’s homecoming where the men and women’s basketball teams scrimmage with themselves. It takes place in Gallagher-Iba arena, and the whole event feels a lot like a gigantic pep rally. Some minor homecoming awards are also announced during the event, so Greek houses and other student organizations turn out in droves to attend.

OSU wrestlers pump up the crowd.

OSU men’s and women’s basketball players announce homecoming awards.

Mike Gundy thanks fans for their support before Saturday’s game.

OSU receiver Charlie Moore greets the crowd.

Members of the women’s basketball team announce more winners.

Michael Cobbins wishes his mom a happy birthday from the stage.

Tiffany Bias during the orange and black women’s basketball scrimmage.

Toni Young.

Why yes, that is OSU “First Cowgirl” Ann Hargis doing “Gangnam Style.”

This year’s homecoming directors.

LeBryan Nash during the men’s basketball scrimmage.



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