Gavin DeGraw at The Backyard

This week I saw Gavin DeGraw in concert at a venue just outside of Austin called The Backyard. Now when I say “just outside of Austin,” that’s exactly what I mean, but of course my technology betrayed me and I got horribly lost and…

…I had to ask an actual human being for directions, which of course was the easiest thing in the world and seriously, why couldn’t I have done that sooner?

But enough about my stupidity. I was introduced to Gavin DeGraw waaaaay back in 2004(ish?) when I went to see a band that I was into that was opening for him in Tulsa one night. I was so impressed with his performance I bought his CD and I’ve been listening to him ever since. If you’re not really familiar with his music, this will probably jog your memory. I’ve been listening to his newer music as he’s released it, but I hadn’t seen him live again until last night.

After my whole getting-lost fiasco I ended up getting to The Backyard way later then I was planning, but it turns out not having anyone to go to the concert with worked in my favor.

annnd one more piece of advice for my fellow DSLR owners

The first opener was Andy Grammer, and he was the ideal opening act. He was very enthusiastic and fun and got the crowd excited. Take, for instance, his second song, when he spent the entire time in the crowd. And not just the first few rows, but waaaaay in the back with the cheap seats where people didn’t actually have seats.

Andy was just one of those acts whose sound meshes perfectly with the people he’s opening for. I’ve been to a lot of concerts where the opening acts play music that doesn’t fit in with the headliner’s music at all, and it’s usually a really unentertaining experience for the audience . That definitely wasn’t the case with him. Oh, and also:

Here’s a video so you can get a feeling of what he sounds like

Colbie Caillat was the second act of the night (you’ll know her from her hit 2009 single, Bubbly.) I’ve never listened to her music outside of  occasional radio play, but she has a really mellow sound that was perfect for an outdoor summer concert. Have I mentioned the weather yet? It was BEAUTIFUL. It had rained earlier that day, so the temperature dropped into the 80s and it was windy the entire night too.

And now onto the main act! Gavin was amazing, an incredible performer who also happens to be insanely talented. He was engaged with the crowd the entire night and it was obvious that he’s in love with his job. At one point some guy yelled “SHOW US SOME DANCE MOVES!” referencing his (very quick) stint on Dancing with the Stars (which I just now looked up for the first time and I am LAUGHING), and Gavin replied, “I would, but I can’t dance!” He also talked about his first tour at one point, mentioning that he was touring with then lesser-known artists Jason Mraz and Maroon 5, which got yells from the crowd, and Gavin chided, “Not too loud now, this is my show.”

It’s been seven years since I last saw him perform, and the evolution of his stage presence was amazing. I had a big stupid grin on my face the entire time, and really, what more can you ask for at a concert?

Here’s the music video for the title track of Gavin’s new record, ‘Sweeter,’

and a live performance of my favorite song from the album, ‘Radiation.’

Oh, one last thing before I go!

  1. Emily, sounds like you’re having an awesome Austin summer!

  2. Riley said:

    Not feeling his “beard”

  3. ILoveDegraw70 said:

    I remember him saying something about Austin. I didn’t catch what it was, do you remember?

  4. Kelleigh said:

    Did you happen to get the pictures taken in front? Did you ever receive them?

  5. I wish I could have been there:) The band I was to see live the most at current is definitely The Script though…their new album is amazing. I saw that they were playing in Atlanta, GA on 11/03 which is the closest they’re coming to me but hopefully I’ll make it…you can check out the rest of the dates here btw:


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