Life Update

Since we last spoke I:

– Saw my favorite band in the world, Ha Ha Tonka.

– Went to Six Flags in Arlington with Jessica (and her boyfriend Matt and our friend Britt) for her birthday the weekend before finals. Responsible, right? (whatever, I still pulled off the 4.0. Hey, maybe amusement parks are the solution to pre-finals stress.)

 – Wrote three papers, a presentation, a final research report and studied for and took four final exams. (All with little help from Lily.)

– Developed an embarrassing fondness for One Direction. (Don’t talk to me about it.)

– Moved out of my apartment in Stillwater for the summer.

– Made a weekend stop in Tulsa, only to find someone else had taken up residence in my bed.

– Spent the weekend in Tulsa hanging out with family, eating with friends and having a Marvel movie marathon (Iron Man 2, Captain America and Thor all in one day) that ended with seeing The Avengers in theaters. I guess you could say that I liked it.

– Officially moved to Austin, TX for the summer! My parents’ friends Pat and Tina have generously offered me a spare room in their house to live for the next three months. Less than a week here and I’m already in love.

– Spent some time soaking up sun (a.k.a. getting burned) while reading (GRRM’s A Feast for Crows) in the pool.

– Made best friends with Pat and Tina’s dog Wyatt.

 – Interviewed for, received and accepted two internships, one from a PR firm called Avalon Communications and another with a site called I’m so thrilled and excited to get to work. I’ll be getting a lot of writing experience through my work at Avalon, and I’m going to be working on building Rallyhood’s social media presence.

– Freaked out about the best show in the world being renewed.

– Met up with Britt and hung out at Spider House, I Luv Video and Hey Cupcake! tonight. Remind me why I have to leave Austin at the end of the summer again?


  1. Oh, Emily! I can’t tell you how happy it made me to find this in my morning RSS feed. Garrett will be so happy Lily made a guest appearance, and I’m sure Brian will rib you for the One Direction confession.

    Congrats on the double internship offers! You’re going to rock them both. We expect you to bring back some great ideas we can implement at the library. Don’t fall too in love with Austin, we want you back here in August! :)

    • Awww yay! I’m sure I’ll never hear the end of it from Brian. Hope everything’s going well in the new offices. And I hope you have an AMAZING time in India I am still unbelievably jealous. You, Garrett AND Brian all made guest appearances in my dream last week, so I guess I’m already missing the office!


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