New York Day Two: 1/04

We woke up Wednesday morning and headed to Rockefeller Center from the subway. I was a little familiar with subway systems from other trips I’d taken to Europe and Chicago, but the station by our hotel was gigantic, and we ended up wandering around underground for like 20 minutes before we finally found where we needed to be.

Once we got to Rockefeller Center we made our way upstairs to the NBC store to buy tickets to the observation deck and the NBC studio tour. When we got to the top of the store we saw a sign that said that something was filming and to be quiet. We peered around the crowd forming and saw Dee Snider from Twisted Sister and Clay Aiken being  interviewed for something. Later I found out that apparently they were on the TODAY show being interviewed about being on the Celebrity Apprentice. So that was my only “celebrity” sighting in New York.

Toni and I went on the studio tour, which was pretty much heaven for a gigantic TV nerd like me. We got to see the studio where Brian Williams films the NBC Nightly News, the Dr. Oz set (lol), and the SNL studio, which was SO awesome to see. One of the most interesting things I saw on the tour was a memorial NBC has to employees who were been killed while performing their jobs, ranging from camera men abducted by a cult to an NBC worker who was fixing the satellite on top of the World Trade Center on 9/11. We only got to see it for a minute or so, so I wasn’t able to stand around and read all of the entries, but it was incredibly touching.

Britt and Jess killed time in Rockefeller Center while Toni and I were on the studio tour.

After the studio tour Toni and I spent an absurd amount of money in the NBC Universal store (YES I needed a $30 sonic screwdriver from the Doctor Who section! The guy who rang up Toni understood me, he’s got 3 of them!) and met back up with Jess and Britt at the entrance to the Top of the Rock observation deck. It was gorgeous up there, and really, finally convinced me that I was ACTUALLY in New York City, that I actually HAD made this crazy journey we’d been planning together for 5 months.

After the observation deck we headed back across town (past Darren’s new billboard in Times Square) and just laid low for a while in our hotel. We’d done a LOT of walking, and we didn’t want to get burnt out at the beginning of the trip. Keep in mind that we also don’t ever get to spend any time together in person, so just being able to laze around in the same room together was a really special thing for the four of us to get to do.


Later that day Toni, Britt and I left to go check out Madison Square Garden, and go to an H&M to find the boots I’ve been lusting after for MONTHS from Trish Summerville’s Dragon Tattoo collection. (I know, don’t even say anything) Unfortunately BOTH H&M’s we tried were out of them, and the only store that had any of the collection was down to the dregs. I was a little (read: a lot) disappointed.

For dinner we met Jess and I’s friend Kyla, who decided 6 months ago she was going to move to New York from Florida without knowing anyone and basically I’m insanely jealous of her. We met in Korea town at a restaurant named Woorijip. Afterward, we walked around the city and eventually ended up back in our hotel room making WAY too much noise, as people in their 20s often do. Shockingly, we didn’t end up with a knock on our door threatening us with eviction if we didn’t keep it down. Bless our tolerant neighbors.

Britt had some difficulties recovering something Jess dropped beside the bed.



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