Honoring a Fallen Soldier

In August I was given an assignment with the O’Colly to attend a military funeral. The fallen soldier was named Jordan Morris, and he was 23 years old. My editor KT and I left for the service 12:30, and spent the next six hours outside in the heat, taking in all of the people who had come to pay their respects to Jordan and doing our best to document it. It was honestly the most moving thing I think I’ve ever witnessed. Hundreds of bikers, many of whom were former servicemen, traveled from around Oklahoma and surrounding states to honor Jordan and his family.
It was incredibly powerful to see how many people attended the funeral and the amount of citizens lining the streets of Stillwater for miles, from the Stillwater High School Performing Arts Center where the service was held to the graveyard where he was laid to rest. Below are some of the photos I took throughout the day. I hope they serve as a reminder of the horrible losses families in our cities, states and countries are continuing to suffer today. The article that ran in the O’Collegian about Morris can be found here.


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