Hi, internet. Can we talk?

I know this subject has been beaten like a dead horse, but I just need to say a few things about the way people sometimes choose to behave on the internet. Unfortunately, this is not unfamiliar subject to me. I’ve had friends who have been harassed over the internet, and if anything can get me riled up it’s seeing people torn down for no reason by people they may or may not know personally.

The internet is an incredible, wonderful, revolutionary tool.  It lets us keep in touch with people who live hours away from us. It helps us to create and share and obtain feedback from people in all walks of life. It help us make connections to people we normally would never have met, and I can personally say I’ve met some really lovely, incredible people through different social media sites that I now consider to be very good friends, and who I would love to meet in person. I have an incredible love affair with the internet. Some would call it an addiction (and okay, yeah, that might be a little accurate), but I honestly don’t think I would be the same person I am today without the influence of different aspects of the internet and the social networking contained within it.

Sometimes, though, sometimes I can’t stand the internet. People seem to think that, because they’re not looking someone in the eye as they type it, their hateful and spiteful remarks don’t “count,” that somehow the things they’re saying aren’t as “real” as they would be if they were saying them face-to-face, that their comments don’t hurt and injure someone just as much as they would in “reality” because their words are text on a screen instead of words in the air.

This is false. In fact, I think you can even make the argument that seeing something on-screen is worse then hearing it in person, because it’s much easier to tell someone that’s criticizing you or your work to your face to shut their mouth, and walk away. Not so easy to do in the online worlds we’ve created for ourselves. Not so easy when you have the opportunity to reread the hateful things people have said.

The basic purpose of this post is to urge people to stop and think before they type. Would you say it in person? Would you leave it as a message on their voicemail? Would you even send it to them as a text message? Didn’t we all learn this as children? If you don’t have anything nice to say… And I’ll even do you one better. Go ahead. Say something mean. But say it to yourself, or vent about it to a friend, or to your mom. Do so in a private conversation that is going to be kept between yourselves. Be considerate. Be compassionate. Show respect to your fellow human beings, no matter what medium you’re communicating through.

Now that I have that out of my system, let’s recap what’s been going on in my life lately.

  • lots of snow:

I know you guys are jealous of my hat.

And how awesome my hair looks when I take it off.

  • an insane amount of reading for media law. I have officially filled up an entire spiral with notes and the semester’s not even halfway over yet. I don’t think I’ve ever even filled on up a notebook for an entire course, let alone half of one. I am still loving it though. And Senat finally knows my name! Unfortunately, that means he can now use it to call me out. Last week he used me in a hypothetical situation to explain per quad defamation(defamation in which more information needs to be provided for the statement to be defamatory). The example? I had recently given birth to a son. Okay, not so defamatory, right? Well, the additional information that was included was that my “husband” had been serving in Iraq for the last 2 years. Making me a cheating army wife. Lovely.
  • sadly, these are all of the things that I can come up with that have been happening in my life lately, excluding school and work. And one of the examples is still about school. These crazy college kids. What will they get up to next?

Recent photo I’m proud of: see above.

Song I can’t get out of my head: So, I knew I loved Donald Glover as an actor on Community, a writer on 30 Rock AND a stand-up comedian. And just when I thought he couldn’t get any more perfect I discovered that he’s also a musician. IS THERE ANYTHING THIS MAN CAN’T DO?! (if you were going to guess “YouTube star” you’re wrong, because that’s how he got his start.)

Video I can’t stop watching: This video of Jesse Eisenberg (Oscar-nominated star of “The Social Network”) starring as “Oliver” in a production of Oliver Twist may in fact be the most adorable thing I have ever set my eyes on.

Something I can’t help but laugh at: the package Katie sent me in the mail last week. (the pummalo is my new favorite fruit, by the way. Yes, I ate it. Got a problem with air-mailed food?)

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  1. Zelly Thomas said:

    This is incredibly well said. Also, your photos are very nice. Cheers!


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