eleven things i fell in love with in 2010

2011 is rapidly approaching, so I thought I would put together a list of things that I have come to adore in 2010. A lot of the things on this list have been around longer than a year, but I hadn’t discovered them until now. Let me know in the comments what you loved in 2010, and if you agreed/disagreed with any of mine!

11 THINGS I FELL IN LOVE WITH IN 2010 (in the order in which I discovered them)

1. doctor who

I still have a hard time believing I only began watching this show in January. It seems like it’s been years. I finally started watching Doctor Who after all the harassment encouragement from my friend Katie. I started with series 1 of the 2005 reboot, and less than 3 weeks later I had finished series 2, 3, 4 and the specials, and was anxiously awaiting the premiere of series 5 (which I thought as brilliant. And the 2010 Christmas Special was INCREDIBLE). I cannot accurately put into words how much I love this show. It’s so nerdy and refreshing and smart. The characters are lovable, but also incredibly complex. The acting is extraordinary.  And the writing will keep you up at night. Thanks to Doctor Who, I’m now terrified of statues, shadows and gas masksDoctor Who is what really got me hooked on british TV, and as you’ll see if you continue reading this list, I’ve gotten really hooked. So do yourself a favor and rent, download or stream Doctor Who. You won’t regret it.

2. youtube

Okay, so yes, I knew what YouTube was before 2010, and I used it pretty frequently to look up clips of cats and viral videos and concert footage. But I didn’t really get into the heart of YouTube, the brilliant community of vloggers until this year. There’s a whole network of people who make videos about their (relatively) normal lives, and I cannot help getting interested  in what’s going on in them. Vloggers featured in the graphic are: Kayley Hyde, Hayley G. Hoover and Kristina Horner (who all make excellent independent videos in addition to being 3 of the fiveawesomegirls, which is sadly coming to an end in 2011.), John and Hank Green of the Vlogbrothers (who began my entire YouTube kick this year, as well as helping me to discover that I’m a total Nerdfighter), Craig (a.k.a. wheezywaiter), Alex Day (a.k.a. nerimon), Charlie McDonnell (charlieissocoollike) and Elmify. There are dozens of other YouTubers I adore, but I couldn’t squeeze them all onto one graphic!

3. toy story 3

Pixar movies are a fundamental part of my childhood. And Toy Story 3 just increased that  mania. I revived my old Toy Story comforter in my apartment this year and I dressed up as Woody for Halloween (My cowboy boots already had ‘Andy’ scrawled on the bottom prior to that, by the way).  The themes in Toy Story 3 were just spot-on for me, because I’m in my second year of college and that whole “adulthood” thing is kind of creeping up on me. Also, I just freaking love Disney/Pixar movies.

4. merlin

My love for Merlin knows no bounds. I mean, yeah, the writing can be a little ridiculous, and the CGI is crap, but the cast makes up for it. Anthony Head is excellent at making you loathe Uther, but still makes him redeemable enough to not want him dead. Yet. And Richard Wilson as Gaius is an exceptional father figure to Merlin. And let’s not forget the fabulousness of Angel Coulby as Gwen and Katie McGrath as Morgana. And all the guest stars are brilliant as well. Most importantly, Colin Morgan and Bradley James are incredible as Merlin and Arthur, and their chemistry on-screen (and off) makes the strength of their epic husband-y romance friendship clear. And if none of that has convinced you, watch this video 5 times on loop and tell me you’re not a convert.

5. tumblr

I’m going to make this brief, because the  first rule of tumblr is you do not talk about tumblr. I just need it to be known that tumblr’s changed my life this year, and I’m still not sure if it’s for the better or the worse. (okay, okay, it’s for the better. Who needs sleep, an active social life or decent grades anyway?)

6. sherlock

Surprise, surprise, another BBC show! Sherlock is an awesome updated version of Conan Doyle’s characters, and it is intensely addictive. This is mostly due to the amazing writers, cast members (Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are superb), and of course Watson and Sherlock‘s epic bromance. Sadly, the series is only 3 episodes long, with an entire year between release dates. And then we’ll STILL only get 3 more! But it’s okay, the  awesome fandom makes waiting a little less hard, especially because of angrybeige‘s creation of the most hilarious comics of all time.

7. buffy the vampire slayer

I realize I’m a bit late to this series. As in, the last season aired in 2003. And I did watch a little of Buffy when I was younger, but not enough to really get into the story and really understand the characters. That’s kind of hard to do that when you’re catching the odd rerun in random order. But this year Netflix Instant came into my life. And I can now definitely say that I worship at the altar of Joss Whedon. I watched Buffy all the way through from season 1 to 7 in under 2 months, and I am a total convert. The show is witty, action-packed and pretty realistic for a show about mythical creatures. And it has a freaking musical episode. How can you not love a show that has a musical episode?

8. the social network

When I first saw the teaser trailer for “that facebook movie” over a year ago I rolled my eyes and dismissed it, thinking it was a totally stupid, ridiculous concept for a movie, and guessed that it was going to bomb. Then October rolled around, and my friend Greg told me some of his friends had seen a screening on his campus and they’d raved about it. So when he said he wanted to go see it one weekend when we were both home, I shrugged and decided to tag along, not expecting much. I was blown away. The movie had so much heart and characters were so complex for a movie about creating a web site. I walked out of the theater incredibly happy, and when another friend suggested going to see it a few weeks later, I quickly agreed. And was AGAIN surprised at how excellent it was. The cinematography, writing and phenomenal cast, led by Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield, truly made this my favorite film of the year.

9. torchwood

Oh, how does one describe Torchwood? Basically, it’s a sexed-up, kick-asshomo-erotic spin-off of Doctor Who. The cast is so fun and talented and I can legitimately say that I love every. single. character. on the show, and that never happens to me. Be forewarned, however: try not to get attached to anyone (an impossible feat, actually), because your heart will be broken over and over again.

10. veronica mars

Kristen Bell is a god. I’d heard about Veronica Mars for a while, but I never actually knew what it was about. Once I finished Torchwood I found V.M. was streaming on Netflix, and started watching it. I think I finished all 3 seasons in less than 2 weeks. It has the perfect balance of humor, romance and mystery. I’m usually able to figure out ‘whodunnit’ pretty quickly, but I don’t think I ever really managed to call anything correctly while watching this show.  Also, Veronica and Keith also have the most awesome father/daughter relationship I think I’ve ever witnessed on T.V. And let’s not for get that it has the best theme song of all time. Seriously.

11. misfits

asdkljadsflkhdf this show! I started watching it after everyone and their mom started posting about it on tumblr, and I have no regrets. The plots are bizarre, the characters are totally insane, and every one of the cast members is so attractive I can’t hardly stand it. And Nathan. Don’t even get me started on Nathan.

  1. I like how most of your “things i fell in love with” were British TV shows. That just goes to say a lot about their television. I’d like to know what American TV shows you enjoy. ;) Even though I’ll admit Misfits is pretty kick-ass.

    Also, did you make those graphics? Because if so, you are a PHOTOSHOP GODDESS.

    I like this post! Now the real question is…will you continue to love it throughout 2011?

    • Haha I know, I went a little Brit-crazy this year! I still love american TV too though, I just didn’t get into many new shows in 2010. I LOVE The Office, Modern Family, Psych, 30 Rock, Community, etc. etc. etc. to pieces. I think I might have a problem. Lol.

      And I DID make all those graphics, thanks for noticing! It took me way longer than I care to admit to make them.

      • Modern Family has to be one of the best new shows of 2010. It’s amazing! And I’ve loved 30Rock since it’s premiere, too.


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