Emily is entertained by: Charlie McDonnell

Okay, so we all know that Emily is a YouTube addict by now, right? Well, one of my favorite vloggers (and judging by his subscriber and view count, one of the internet’s favorites as well) is charlieissocoollike, a.k.a. Charlie McDonnell. Why is he so entertaining to me? It’s a combination of many things, really. I mean, he’s British, for one, so he’s got an awesome accent. He’s also as big as a Whovian as I am, probably more, actually, since he writes songs about Doctor Who in a band called ‘Chameleon Circuit.’ He’s also been active in many different charity events. But wait, there’s (even) more! He makes vlogs about wine gum statistics and Justin Bieber (I think this is the first video of his I ever watched). He’s also good friends and roommates with one of my other favorite YouTubers, Alex Day (a.k.a. Nerimon), and they make hilarious cameos in each other’s videos. Finally, Charlie writes hilarious, catchy, nerdy songs on the ukulele. I mean, what’s not to like?

Naturally, because I enjoyed his videos so much, I looked up Charlie’s actual website.

A screenshot of Charlie's site.

What I like about Charlie’s site is that it’s very simple and clean. It has a very clear header at the top with links to all of the pages on his site. The style of the site is a very good representation of Charlie as a person, or at least how he comes across in his videos. It’s a very fun, slightly juvenile (though not in a bad way) design that is refreshing to look at. The font of the header and lines that run down the content are not the straight, boring outlines and text that is often seen on websites. Instead, it seems like he just took out a pen and constructed the site himself, making it feel very unique to him, and therefore personal.

I also like that he has a short description of himself up above the content area. It’s an easy way for visitors to the site to know immediately who Charlie McDonnell is and what he does. Below that is his blog, which he updates in detail about his latest video, though he sometimes blogs about things besides his new uploads. To the right of the content area is a sidebar containing links to his YouTube, Twitter and RSS feed, along with the RSS feed of his latest videos, an archive of blog posts and a link to buy his debut album. Very simple, clean and to the point.

Eventually I got past the home page, and browsed through his other pages. His ‘music‘ page was very well done, sticking to the same template as the rest of the site. In the content area he has a widget which plays all of the songs on his album in their entirety, as well as links to the lyrics of every song. I think his ‘about‘ page is my favorite, however. It gives a more in-depth bio of Charlie, as well as provides links to lists of interesting facts and a page devoted to quotes about him, including quotes from Stephen Fry, John Green and Charlie himself (“I wish I had more quotes to put here” – Charlie McDonnell).

All-in-all, I’m very impressed with the design of Charlie’s site, and the information found on it. If I ever become an internet celebrity I’d want my site to be a fun and creative as Charlie’s.

The album art for Charlie's Debut CD

Finally, I just wanted to talk about how AWESOME this album art is. I just ordered this CD for Christmas (from my Mom) and I cannot WAIT to get my hands on it, and a significant portion of that excitement may be due to the epic-ness of the physical CD & art. And I love that it corresponds to the layout of his website as well.


Recent photo I’m proud of: I’m really liking this picture of my friend Joe, who you might remember from my blog on growing up gay in the bible belt.

Song I can’t get out of my head: Katie and I have been texting each other lyrics from ‘You’re the Voice‘ all week.

Video I can’t stop watching: Our interception at bedlam. This makes me feel a little better about losing…

Something I can’t help but laugh at:

  1. I like this website actually. It’s pretty neat and just has a feel good feel to it. If that makes any sense. I enjoyed this website quite a bit actually.

  2. bobbyc24 said:

    This website has a really good feel to it. I enjoyed it, nice find.


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