Emily’s Passionate About: Animal Adoption

I’ve always loved animals. And all the pets in my life have been rescued in some form or another. The need to adopt animals from a shelter instead of buying from a breeder is something I am very passionate about, and something I will continue to do for the rest of my life as a pet owner.

Below is a short ad I created for the Humane Society of Stillwater to try to generate awareness about their facility and needs. After the video, I’ve posted some photos I took at the shelter about a month back. If you’re interested in any of the animals, please click here to view all of their information, as well as how to begin the adoption process.

  1. Great video! It really did impact! Your video has inspired me to go walk a dog TOMORROW. I also hope to adopt next year.

  2. This video makes me want to walk a dog, adopt a dog, and adopt a cat (and I’m not even that crazy about cats). Good job.

  3. Krystyna said:

    I love how you not only made the video, but took the time to add photos that you took of them. Also, thanks for the link you included to the info about the animals!


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