So usually in my blog posts I share a video (or four) with you that I find genius. Today, however, we are going to look at a video that’s crap.

Yes, those are my dulcet tones you hear. This is a video I posted well over a year ago from my trip to Europe back in the summer of ’08. The video is one I recorded on my old digital camera “showing off” the room my friends Paige and Katherine and I were assigned to when we were staying outside of Luzern, Switzerland. (Also, HOLY CRAP, I was wearing that same shirt today, and I haven’t worn it in months!)

So why does this video suck? First of all, the sound is awful. There’s about 3 people talking over each other at any given time, and all that sound is bouncing off the walls of our massive (in our eyes) hotel room. Another problem is the speed at which I am moving. Clearly I wasn’t concentrating on filming a decent video, and so all you get is much too rapid movement, which leaves little in focus, and a lot of blur from me whipping the camera back and forth, much like Willow Smith’s hair. As for action, this video is pretty much devoid of any at all. Pretty much nothing going on there. And that poor camera, trying to adjust to the change in lighting at the end! Best of all is the creepy crazed giggling that’s coming out of my mouth as I film at bizarre angles and a lot of the floor.

So what could I have done to make this video watchable? First, perhaps a little more information on exactly what the hell I’m trying to show the viewers of this lovely piece. That might also help in the lack-of-action department as well. It certainly would make people more keen to watch it. Much slower movement of myself, and by extension the camera would also be a plus, so that whoever’s watching it can actually focus on one thing before I go zooming off to the next. I’d also have like more of  our Swiss surroundings as the end too, because it’s a gorgeous place, and really the only interesting part of the clip.

So yes, my video did suck, but I still love watching it, because it brings me back to a great experience in my life. But anyone who wasn’t involved in that particular trip probably has no interest in all in watching it.


Now let’s end this blog post with some stuff that doesn’t suck:

Recent photo(s) I’m proud of: Here are some nice food shots I took at Hideaway for the O’Colly, and one thrown in of the pesto I had for dinner.

cheesy garlic bread

cheesy garlic bread

chicken and broccoli pizza with garlic olive-oil sauce

whole-wheat rigatoni and peas with creamy pesto sauce

Song I can’t get out of my head: This Chameleon Circuit song called ‘The Doctor is Dying‘ by Alex Day. I love Doctor Who, and I love nerdy music, so nerdy music about Doctor Who is like the ultimate combination.

Video I can’t stop watching: Annoyances 46-5o. Hayley G. Hoover is a girl after my own heart.

Something I can’t help but laugh at: Charlie McDonnell discovers his “hotness points” on Tumblr and reads them aloud.

  1. Nice video critique!

    I think I heard you talking about German classes the first day of this semester..? If you need any help, just tell me! I owe you for doing such an awesome job on our podcast! :)

    • Thanks! And thanks for your offer of help! I’m doing alright so far, at least in writing and reading it, but it’s those cases that really throw me. Mostly because I don’t really understand their English equivalents. Hahaha.

  2. Jory said:

    How very brave & honest of you to use one of your OWN crappy videos. We all have a lot of those hiding in our closets :)

    • Haha thanks Jory. I’m pretty self-deprecating, so it wasn’t too hard.


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