Why I Love Todd Snider

In this post, I told you why I love Hanson, and why people shouldn’t JUDGE me for listening to them (Jory). Well, now I’m going to continue with my “Why I Love ____________” theme with this post about Todd Snider.

I don’t remember exactly when it was that I realized who Todd Snider was. My mom is the one that got me listening to his music. He’s one of her favorite artists, and his music was always on in the background at gatherings with our family friends. The first time I remember actively listening to his music was when I was in sixth or seventh grade, and my mom played his song “Betty Was Black (& Willie Was White)” in the car, telling me she thought I’d like it. She was right. The song is all about racial tolerance, and points out just how bigoted people can be, even when it comes to the happiness of their own children. Perfect for a crazy liberal like me, right?

After that I couldn’t stop listening to “Happy to Be Here,” which remains my favorite of Todd’s albums. It’s the perfect example of what an album should be made up of. High and low energy songs, quirky and serious ones. And they’re not all about love and women, which seems to be the norm in most music. Thematically, that can get old. “Happy to Be Here” has it all, starting off with a song about pop culture and the boredom that can come along with it, and continuing on to songs about DB Cooper(this is so weird, I searched for this song on YouTube and this live version that came up is from the only Todd show I’ve been to), pre-nups, and crazy girlfriends. This is just one of those albums for me that is engrained as a part of my life, that’s more than just music, it brings out a certain felling of nostalgia within me.

I’ve only seen Todd once live, and that was at The Granada in Lawrence, Kansas about 2 and a half years ago. He’s never been to Tulsa in all the years my mom’s been following him, so she’s always gone out-of-state to see him. However, TONIGHT he is going to be in Tulsa at All Soul’s, and it is sold out. Luckily, we bought our tickets about 10 minutes after hearing he was going to be here. My best friend Katie, who started listening to Todd after I included some of his songs on a mix I made for her in about 11th grade, is coming down from Kansas City, where she goes to school, to see him. I think we’re going to have a group of about 30 people going with us tonight.

The thing I love about Todd is that he’s such a mellow, down-to-earth guy. He seems almost shy sometimes when he’s up on the stage, and tells the funniest stories, in this soft, husky voice. And when he sings there’s just this soul in it. Shut up! I do not have a crush on him! Okay, well, maybe a little one, but aren’t people supposed to carry a flame for their favorite musicians? I mean, I’m pretty sure it’s a law.

(Almost) Finally, I’m going to leave you with a perfect example of  Todd at his best live. You’re welcome.

But wait! This blog isn’t over yet! Check back late Friday night/Saturday morning for my thoughts on the concert and photos from the event!


The concert last night was phenomenal. The doors opened at 7, but we decided to go at 6 to get a decent spot in line, so we ended up being the first people there, and got front-row seats. We were probably 6 feet away from him. Todd was in such a good mood, smiling and telling little anecdotes in between songs. His voice really is, in my opinion, better live than it is on his cds. The soul in it just comes across so much better. He played almost exclusively requests people were shouting out last night, too. One of my favorite moments was when he was playing one of his older songs and flubbed the lyrics, and he said, “Technically, I didn’t fuck that up because I wrote the song, so technically that’s called an edit.” Another high point was when he imitated his 19-year-old self trying to sound like Bob Dylan. After the show we hung around outside and after about 45 minutes he came out and chatted a little, as well as signed some things. The only low point in the evening is that my camera’s shutter gave out less than 2 minutes into his set, so not only did I not get very many photos, it’s also costing me $145 to repair. *sigh* Below are some photos I managed to take before tragedy stuck.





Todd always takes his shoes off before he plays. :)







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