Smart Mouths and the NOH8 Campaign.

I’ve talked about Smart Mouths Podcast on this blog before,  but I decided that it’s time for me to go a little more in-depth and review an episode. The latest is episode #72: “Wide and Long”.  There were things I liked and disliked about this episode. Let’s start with the bad, shall we? One thing I was a little sad about this week was that there were only 3 hosts on for the majority of the show, when normally there are 4 or 5. I prefer having more hosts on, because I think it tends to encourage more debate about each topic. However, it wasn’t to big of a con for me. There were a few sounds issues with Skype during their interview (which I’ll get to in a moment), but it sorted itself out after a few minutes. The only other thing I really disliked is that Greg seemed a little tuned out during the episode. He didn’t really seem to know what was going on some of the time, and that was a little off-putting.

Now on to what I love about this podcast! First of all, the chemistry between the hosts is excellent. You can tell just by listening to them giving each other a hard time, or backing each other up, that they are close friends in real life, despite living all over the country. The rapport that they have with one another really helps the topics they cover seem more interesting. They aren’t afraid to debate with one another, and that makes the stories involving airline mergers, technology news, or the comments of a preacher in Georgia sound more like a discussion with my friends than an impersonal news report. Hearing a variety of news in this way really helps it to stick in my head in a way that just watching it on TV or reading about it wouldn’t necessarily do. This show used to be more rigidly organized, with certain segments lined out in a particular order, but about a year ago they decided to loosen things up and just let the show flow from one topic to another. I think they made a change for the better, because it feels even more like a conversation between friends than it used to.

Finally, my favorite part of the episode was the interview Matt, Penny and Elysa conducted with Adam Bouska, who is the co-founder and photographer for the NOH8 campaign, an organization devoted to showing through (gorgeous) photographs the people affected by California’s Proposition 8, as well as more general discriminatory laws and policies again homosexuals. As a photographer, I loved hearing what Bouska had to say about how he came up with the concept of the photos. And as someone who cares passionately about the rights of the GLBTQ community, I also enjoyed hearing his perspective on what can be done to generate awareness. If you haven’t seen the NOH8 Campaign’s work, you really should take a look. It’s gorgeous to look at, really resonates with you, and has a slew of prominent supporters, from Glee’s Jane Lynch to Cindy McCain, whose appearance raised a lot of eyebrows, since Sen. John McCain is still staunchly against gay marriage.

Smart Mouths host Matt Britton, photographed for the NOH8 Campaign in Los Angeles earlier this year.

Fellow host Andrew Sims was also photographed by Bouska in LA.

Overall, it was an informative and interesting episode, and I’m glad I started listening to Smart Mouths over a year ago. Keep up the good work, guys! Even if you have switched to a “fortnightly” schedule instead of releasing weekly episodes.


Recent photo(s) I’m proud of: These were for an O’Colly column titled “Top 10: Ways to gain the Freshman 15”

Song I can’t get out of my head: “God and Satan,” by Biffy Clyro.

Video I can’t stop watching: Keeping with the “Smart Mouths” theme, here’s a video from their YouTube channel that was recorded at the DC shoot for the NOH8 Campaign.

Something I can’t help but laugh at: The Miley Cyrus Show’ on SNL. It was PERFECT.




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