Farmer’s Market, Bristow and a whole lot of cats.

This weekend I went home to Tulsa, and below are some photos I took while I was there. Enjoy!

Neighbor cat.

Another neighbor cat.

At the Cherry Street Farmer's Market

A three-legged dog.

Fresh spices.

What I purchased.

Swan Lake Neighborhood.

The beginning of the rescue mission.

It was a pretty simple process.

Owen on our front porch, with Lily sneaking up in the background.

Goofy neighbor kitties. They're siblings, obviously.

Greg's cat is legitimately cross-eyed.

Home-grown pears Greg, his grandma and I peeled, and his mom canned.


  1. Is this the Cherry Street Farmers Market? I’m from Tulsa too, and I love visiting these kind of things!

    • Yeah, it’s the Farmer’s Market on Cherry Street. Unfortunately this was the last one of the season, so there weren’t a ton of vendors, but it was still really fun to go and browse around.


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