Ultimate Frisbee Soundslide.

Hello my faithful blog readers! Today I’m bringing you a Soundslide, which is a photo slideshow, along with audio. This particular one is about OSU’s Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team. Thank you to my awesome roommate, Bethany, for giving me a great interview, and the rest of the Ultimate team. Mucho thanks also to Riley, my musically inclined sibling, whose song I continue to abuse for all my lovely projects.

Now that your world has been rocked, let’s make your day EVEN BETTER, with some links:

Recent photo I’m proud of:

Lately I've been playing around with aperture. I took this when I had some downtime in the Union this afternoon.

Song I can’t get out of my head: The entire ‘Away We Go’ soundtrack. Here’s ‘All My Days,’ by Alexi Murdoch.

Video I can’t stop watching: ‘And then the broken violins begin to play,’ by the awesome vlogger elmify. This is TOTALLY what my life has been like lately.

Something I can’t help but laugh at: The series of “quests” Bradley and Colin are undergoing to promote ‘Merlin.’



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