So, before I get into an update of my life currently, I want to post an example of what a decent editing program can do to make an average image special. Below is a before/after example of a photo I took of James Anderson at a basketball game last year.

Okay, so let’s look at the before photo. It’s a decent shot: in focus, decent color, acceptable lighting. I have the whole body in frame. But there’s nothing that really makes this photo memorable. Yet.

Usually when I’m editing photos the first thing I do is crop them, but in this case I liked how James was situated in the frame. So I tweaked the highlights of the photo, made James stand out against the crowd a bit more. However, all those oranges were just too distracting from the action of the photo, so I decided to remove the saturation and make it black and white. Still, I didn’t have as much of a focal point as I wanted, so I went a step further and blurred out most of his surroundings. And that gives us the finished product. I really like the attention it brings to James, and how it conveys how focused he was at that moment.

Now that we’ve seen how valuable a good photo-editing program is, let’s talk about ME.

The last couple weeks have been tough. I’ve been stressed nearly every waking hour, and some of the unconscious ones too, judging from my dreams. And from what I’ve been hearing from my friends in school, I am not alone. It seems that everyone is posting statuses about how stressed they are, and how much they’re doubting themselves. I don’t know if it’s just a sophomore slump or what, but let me tell you, it sucks. I know that a lot of my problems are coming from my statistics class, because my professor is a grad student who is not very skilled at actually teaching us what we need to know to do the homework.  Other stress-factors include a HUGE dump of tests and projects and work from every single one of my classes. Luckily, I’ve survived pretty much all of that after this week, so I am PRAYING that my stat test next week goes okay, and my stress levels go way down.

Alright, I’m sure that was quite enough whining for you guys, so I’m going to move on to the things you guys should look at/watch/be entertained by:

  • Recent photo I’m proud of:

This is one of the photos I took for my 'Visual Storytelling' blog post. I didn't end up using it, but I still like the moment that I captured.

  • Video I can’t stop watching: This U.K. IKEA ad, in which they released 100 house cats inside a store and filmed (quite beautifully) the results. Check out the making-of video too.

1 comment
  1. I like your 3 HOS picture, haha :)

    The Ikea Video + making-of is really great too.
    Thx for sharing!


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