BlogDay 2010

So, I’m participating in BlogDay, which means I have 5 great blogs to share with you folks!

  • Hayley G. Hoover is someone whose YouTube videos I’ve been keeping track of for some time, and I recently discovered her blog, which is pretty much just as entertaining as her videos, along with more personal and honest notes about her life. I particularly love the way she’s been signing off, giving her “daily senses”, (i.e. Today I:  heard, smelled, touched, etc.) as well as the number of Chipotle burritos she’s consumed this year, her YouTube subscriber count, and the color of nail polish she’s sporting.
  • Erin Conrad is a Tulsa-based photographer, and I love not only her images, but also the way her site is laid out. It’s simple and easy to look at. I love her blog because not only does she take the most adorable photos of children, but she also posts lots of great shots of Oklahoma and Tulsa, so I get to see all of the things I’ve been missing in my hometown.
  • The Daily is a great site the blogs all kinds of interesting and hilarious things. They post anything from news articles to articles of clothing several times a day. And it’s one of those blog where you miss some posts you don’t have to worry about trying to go back and catch up, which is always nice.
  • The Bluth Company is a Tumblr I just stumbled across dedicated to my all-time favorite television show, Arrested Development. They post all kinds of screen caps and other images that make the fact that AD got cancelled after only 3 seasons sting just a little less.
  • Suicide Blonde is another Tumblr I recently came across. It’s filled with tons of gorgeous photos that I could look though for days at a time. This definitely gives me my pop culture/photography fix for the day.

And now for my sign-off:

  • Recent photo I’m proud of:

Scholastic Book Fair, 08/31/2010

  • Something I can’t help but laugh at: The ‘Strutting Leo‘ meme.
  1. Jory said:

    Well done, m’dear. I also follow Erin because she’s both really talented and really funny! I hadn’t seen suicide blonde – looks like an interesting site!

    • Thanks! Yeah, I just found Suicide Blonde like yesterday while browsing through Tumblr, and got stuck looking at it for like an hour! There’s just so much pretty stuff on there!


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