Adventure is Out There! Epic Roadtrip Recap, Days 0 – 2

Some background before I get started: My friends Katie and Greg and I took a trip from May 18 -31st that started in Tulsa, went up the coast of California to Oregon, then came back down through the midwest. For the next week I’ll be posting about our trip along with accompanying photos.

Day 0: Monday (5/17)
Katie and I left Tulsa to spend the night in Bristow at around 9:30. We decided to impress Greg by locating his house in the dark without directions/help. After 45+ minutes of driving back and forth on the same stretch of road we finally caved in and called Greg, and Stacy answered. However, even with her help we still had to resort to using Katie’s GPS to get us to our destination. When we finally made it we pretty much immediately went to sleep, because we knew the next morning would be the beginning of a very long and epic adventure.

Day 1: Tuesday (5/18)
The first day of our adventure. We – shockingly – managed to leave close to on-time, around 8 in the morning.

We made the horrifying drive from Bristow through OKC and Texas. We ate a nutritious meal at Dairy Queen in Shamrock, SO CLASSY.

Then it was back to the road, and my turn to drive. I should also mention that we exited the highway roughly 4 times in search of a “fancy Braum’s.” All attempts were unsuccessful. Also, we listened to Miranda Lambert for at least an hour. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

About 6 hours in we stopped at a rest stop that had an adorable dog laying outside and Katie and I went to take pictures in an abandoned church across the road.

We ended up in Albuquerque about 5:15 their time (6:15 CT). We went in the Old Downtown area and ate at a Mexican restaurant called “Las Hacienda.” The entrée was pretty good, and the sopapias were AMAZING.

After we ate we stalled by wandering around into kitchy shops and went on a quest to find a grocery store that took FOREVER, and of course in the end we found 3 within a ½ mile radius. Then we went to the Pickle’s house, who are friends of Greg’s parents. They let us crash there for the night. After we introduced ourselves we took a walk, headed back, uploaded pics, took a shower and went to bed. Woo-hoo!
The room we stayed in.

Day 2: Wednesday (5/19)
We left Albuquerque about 8 a.m. and began our drive to the Grand Canyon. Nothing abut the drive particularly stands out to me. We made it to the GC at about 2 that afternoon and checked into our campground (#27), set up our tent, and left to see the Canyon.
We walked around the rim for awhile (basically because Katie was lost and wandering the wrong way half a mile ahead of Greg and me).

Then we hiked to the “Bright Angel Trail,” which was nice enough on the trek down, but the trek back up was murder.
Our spirit guide.

After we (mostly just Greg and me) managed to drag ourselves back up we ate sandwiches for dinner and then prepared for bed. We read for awhile and then we went to sleep at – I shit you not – 8 p.m.

More tomorrow.



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