Spring Break Part II: diners, family, yale, snow and sleepovers.

The good news about this post: For those of you who got through my previous post, I’m sure you’ll be relieve to hear that this one contains more photos than it does words.

We got back to Tulsa on Tuesday evening and Katie dropped me off at my house, where my mom, dad and I (Riley was skiing for most of the week) watched way too many episodes of Breaking Bad. (Have you seen this show? It’s effing incredible!!)

The next day (Wednesday, for those of you keeping track) I slept in awhile, then lounged around and did nothing of any real value. Then my mom came home from work and we watched more of Breaking Bad (seriously, watch this show!)

Thursday my mom and I headed out and went shopping at Marshall’s, then I went to the dentist, where they told me I needed a gum graft for my receding gum (I pretty much knew this was coming) and that I had my first cavity (did NOT see that one coming. Eff).

Friday Katie, Brogan and I met downtown at the Blue Dome Diner, which is highly recommended. After we ate we took Brogan to her car, after which Katie pulled not onto one, but TWO one-way streets. She turned the wrong way out of the parking lot, and it took us a minute to realize that there were, in fact, no traffic lights facing our directing. So she made a quick right, into the path of a minivan, who luckily was driving extremely slowly. She darted around the van and made a quick turn back in to the same parking lot, though this time we made sure to turn LEFT onto the street.

Pretty girl.

Katie and Brogan at the diner.

Blue Dome Diner.

You are beautiful.

After that harrowing experience, we made our way to the Tag Agency, because Katie had to renew her freaking plates. So that only took us over half an hour. Lovely places, tag agencies. /sarcasm.

After finally escaping, we set our sites on visiting Yale, Okla., because we could. Also because Katie wanted to see “God’s Garage,” and there was a historical landmark there (Jim Thorpe’s childhood home. LAME.). Also, it was a freakin’ beautiful day, sunny and 74.

The open road.

The main attractions in Mannford.

An excellent installation.

Yale, Okla.

Yale, Okla.

Yale, Okla.

Yale, Okla.

We were enjoying ourselves.

God’s Garage. Nice slogan.

A local establishment.

Jim Thorpe’s lawnmower?

The most interesting part of our trip were the two cemeterys we went to. Does anyone know why they make all cemeterys with road signs? It seems that the people wanting to visit would already know where to find them without the signs…just something Katie and I were discussing.

Welcome to Greenwood.


Growth on a gravestone.

Yale, Okla.

The good book.

Mirror on a gravestone.

Barbed wire.

Leaving Yale behind.

One of the many attractions of Yale.

Anyhow, Katie and I had I lovely road trip, except for the part where we drive at high speeds for 3+ hours and my hair got tangled into a ragged mess. It seriously took me a half-bottle of conditioner and a good hour of ripping through it with a brush to undo that damage. I think I thinned out my hair by about 10% unintentionally.

The next day was Saturday and it started SNOWING because the midwest is a weather FREAKSHOW. Seriously, 70 degrees outside the day before, and the next morning you wake up to 2″ of snow on the ground?! NOT COOL.

It continued snowing throughout the day. And while it was pretty, I was cursing at it to go away throughout the day.

Yes, that’s a baseball-sized tumor on his leg. Poor doggie.

That night Joe, Katie, Brogan and I had a sleepover at Paige’s house. We bought junk food, watched the end up Goblet of Fire so Katie and I could see David Tenet, and watched ‘Brokeback Mountain’ in its entirety, with some choice commentary by us, of course. I think my favorite was Joe’s coining of the phrase “Smack Attack.”

Look how sincere he looks.

Complaining about something. As usual.

…and now it turns into a typical Katie/Joe wrestling match. How original.

She really got a piece of his GIANT NECK. He whined about it forever.

How maniacal of him.

Then we all went to bed and had sweet dreams of lollipops and rainbows.

And Sunday I hung out with the fam some more, and then headed back up to Stillwater.



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