Spring Break Part I: Columbia

It has been almost a month since I updated. Pretty unacceptable. I have a bunch of stuff to cover, so I’ll get right to it:

Spring Break. The beach, the sun, swimsuits, beautiful warm weather. Every college student’s dream, right? Well, not ours. Instead, Katie, Joe, Paige, Katherine, Brogan and I decided to make the trip to Mizzou in Columbia to visit Greg, who was cursed with having a spring break two weeks after ours.

Long, amazing story after the jump!

Anyway, on Friday (March 12) Joe, Katherine, Brogan, Paige and I departed from Tulsa around 4:30 (p.m.) and heading to Kansas City to retrieve Katie, and also tour her wonderful educational facilities. The 4 hour drive was actually much better than expected, and we all enjoyed one another’s company, mostly catching up. And Katherine devoured most of my snacks. The last hour we kept ourselves entertained by discussing our plans for the zombie apocalypse (they involve a yacht and New Zealand, but I’ve already shared too much.). And finally we made it to KCAI, with Katie directing us in on the phone screaming, “TURN RIGHT!! TURN RIGHT!” when really what she meant was her right, our left.
Then we toured the marvelous enigma that is ART SCHOOL, and we saw Katie’s class’s studio space and I accidentally kicked over a pile of soap arranged on the floor that was ART, but it was okay because Katie said that girl was a bitch anyway, plus they’d already presented their projects.

We also got to eat at this amazing diner with the BEST grilled cheeses ever. And NO, it was not just because it was 10 o’clock at night and we were starving.

Finally we left, with Brogan, Katherine, Paige and Joe in one car, and Katie and me in the other. And we were Columbia bound at last.

2-ish hours later we arrive outside Greg’s ResHall and unloaded all our crap into Christina’s room (note that this was pretty much pointless, as later it would all just be piled into Greg and Brett’s room.) Then we (the OK crew + Greg, Christina, and Sam) headed to Hotbox, an amazing place where you choose what you want on cookies and they bake them right there, specifically for you. DELICIOUS.

Then if I recall correctly we went back to Hatch (Greg’s dorm–excuse me! ResHall!) and inflated the air mattresses/crammed 8 people into one dorm room/fell asleep.

Okay, details are starting to get a little fuzzy, I definitely should have blogged this sooner, but the next “morning” (aka 12:30) Greg led us on an incredibly thorough campus tour. Not that I’m complaining, it was fun. Then we met up with Christina and Brett and Paige at Shakespeare’s, a pizza place where we had lunch. After that we shopped around downtown, and went to a non-profit hippie store called the ‘Peace Nook.’ I shit you not, they sold reusable pads. TOO FAR, HIPPIES!

Touring campus.

Then, we headed back and messed around until it was time to EAT again, and drove about 30 minutes outside Columbia to the BEST BARBECUE RESTAURANT EVER.

Brogan pretending she’s Robin Hood.

Joe getting assaulted with a light saber.

The assailant.

Katherine pretends to be camera shy.

Greg and Sam.

Next we went back to the dorm, hung out, had a good time, and set out to “ride the Tiger.” It was an epic voyage to be sure.

Background check!

Joe and Christina bonding in the elevator.

Greg’s new bumper sticker.

This creepy kid we encountered on the voyage to the tiger.

Sam, Christina and Greg

Katie and Joe put aside their differences.

Mission accomplished!

I decided that was far enough, considering it was wet and I didn’t want to fall on my ass. But Mizzou ended up getting me in the end…read on for the gory details.

Katie is more of a man than I am.

This is just disturbing.

More of Brogan’s majestic posing.

And Joe completes the series.

This is funny for so many reasons.

Male bonding.

Back in the room, we hung out some more, played with some dice, and got to know each other very well.

Things get ‘dicey.’ LOL PUN.

There is so much going on in this shot.

Katie, Joe, Greg and I then decided it was time to conquer the Columns, so we headed back out into the Great Unknown, aka Mizzou’s soggy campus. On the way to the columns we almost got picked up by the COMOPO because we were examining some beans on the ground in front of the union trying to determine their genus. BECAUSE WE ARE SCIENTISTS AT HEART.

Once we made it safely to the columns I attempted to hoist myself up, temporarily forgetting the muddiness of the ground, plus it was effing dark out, okay?! Basically, I fell on my ass in the mud, coating the left side of my jeans in muck and giving my right shin a rather spectacular bruise. (Which is still around, 2 weeks later, FYI.)

The bastards that caused my downfall.

We took a detour to stop by “El Racho,” which is apparently a sight to see after midnight, but alas, it was full, so we began the long walk home.

And when we got there we ordered ‘Pokey sticks,’ which were delicious, and gone in about 3 minutes. Literally. After that we all bedded down and fell asleep.

Sunday “morning” we went to brunch, then sat around (this is all Greg and I can come up with as far as specifics go). Joe left to go to St. Louis to visit Emily Adelson, and the rest of us went out to dinner at an italian restaurant, then came back and watched “Zombieland” and “Charlie Bartlett,” both of which are excellent movies, just so you know.

Monday we got up, sat around and talked some more, got some lunch on-campus, took Greg to KOMU to be a fancy intern, and went to see ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ It was decent, though I’m not sure it was really worth 10 bucks, but oh well.

Oh, I almost forgot that before dropping off Greg we went to “Buck’s,” an on-campus ice cream shop right across from Greg’s dorm. It was SO GOOD, but the best part was when the girl asked Joe whether he wanted a cone or a cup, and his response was: “Does it cost more?”

Anyway, after the movie Katie and Brogan went off driving around Columbia and the rest of us went back to the dorm and did absolutely nothing of value for several hours. After Greg, Katie and Brogan got back we went to eat at Booches, which was excellent, and afterward we got frozen yogurt. And Greg and I walked back, because everyone else was a pussy.

Later that night Greg, Katie and I drove to Jefferson City, because we could, and ended up taking an extreme back-roads detour during which we completely overshot Columbia and ended up in California, MO. Obviously, we had a great time.

Katie discovered some bubble wrap in the dumpster, which we promptly stomped on.

Greg is SO EXCITED to go to Jeff City!



Greg turned into a spider monkey.

So I blinded him with the flash.

Sadly, the good times could not last forever, and the next day we were due to depart. Katherine, Joe and Paige took off early, but Katie, Brogan and I stayed behind to go get lunch with Sam and Greg at Panera. After which we said our tearful goodbyes.

The journey home was very good, considering it was a 6 hour drive. It was very mellow, we listened to music the whole way, and I dozed off for an hour or two. The perfect ending to an excellent trip.

Sorority girl pose!

And last but not least, my favorite quotes from the trip:

  • “To having sex with white guys!” -Greg
  • “…my dad calls me a dipstick….” – Greg, after Katie was talking about how her mom taught her where the dipstick was in her car.
  • “Look! Birds! That’s not a V! You guys are drunk!” – Katie
  • “Oh my god puppies! OR MAYBE THEY’RE GOATS I CAN’T TELL!” -Katie (They were dogs.)
  • “I miss your scent on my pillow.” -Greg



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