Men’s Basketball: Senior Night

Last Saturday it was time for the Cowboy basketball season to come to an end. The game ended up being a blowout, with OSU staying ahead of Nebraska buy over 15+ for a good amount of the game. We even lead by more than 30 sometime in the second half.  What the game lacked in excitement it made up for by giving lone senior Obi Muonelo a chance to savor his last game in Gallagher Iba Arena.

I don’t have too much to say specifically about the game, so I just want to thank Obi for four great years at OSU!

Also, here are my two favorite moments of the game:

  • When Junior “Big Game James” Anderson stepped up to the free-throw line, the entire arena broke out in a chant of “One more year! One more year!” Anderson forgoing the NBA draft this season would be a dream come true for OSU fans!
  • OSU’s Fred Gully stepped up to the free-throw line to shoot, and just as the crowd became completely silent, a student standing behind me yelled, “Marshall, get the rebound over the ginger!,” referring to the red-headed Nebraska player on Moses’s right. What made this so great is that Marshall actually turned around and gave us a huge grin in response.

As always,  I’ve posted more pics after the jump!

Celebrating the 3rd of Sidorakis’s 4 three’s.

Matt Pilgrim

Love this one, because it looks like Roger broke into dance mid-game.

Marshall almost bit it.

My company in the student section.

Big Game James


The whole team was cheering him on.

He didn’t end up making it, but it didn’t really matter. It was still a great moment.

Again, thank you Obi.
James, I’m not thanking you because you’re only a junior and you’re coming back next year. RIGHT?



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