Women’s Basketball: Senior Night

Yesterday I went to the first women’s basketball game I’d been to all year. It was also the last of the season. Shameful, I know. Since I hadn’t been to one before, I thought going about 30 mins. before the doors opened would be smart, especially since it was senior night and the last game. I was the only one there. After about 10 minutes two other guys showed up. Man, I knew women’s sports got way less support, but this was just sad. All-in-all I’d say there were about 70 students in attendance total. Luckily many from the community showed up to help beef up the crowd. And we won! Beat Iowa State 78-70. And it really was a fun game. I got to sit front row, obviously, and listen to the guys next to me heckle the visitors’  coach. It was hilarious. Anyway, my point is that more people need to go to women’s sports because they’re equally fun and there’s plenty of prime real estate available!

More photos below the jump, as always.

Aussie, aussie, aussie!


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