OSU Upsets #1 in the Nation KU

This was quite possibly the best game of my LIFE. I was pretty pessimistic going into it, especially after Wednesday’s loss to Texas. In fact, I even had a dream last night that I skipped the game in favor of going to eat with some friends because we were “going to get killed anyway.”
Boy, was I wrong. Boy, was everybody wrong. We started out strong and kept up the momentum throughout the entire game. The energy in GIA was incredible, and I yelled and screamed so loud my throat still hurts, 8 hours later.

It was a GREAT game, made even greater by getting to storm the court when the final buzzer went off. A perfect college experience.

More pictures below.

Page/Muonelo High 5

Celebratory chest bump between Anderson and Muonelo

Coach Travis Ford
Prepping to rush the court.
Go pokes!


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