Branding Success

On Friday in the Student Union Atrium at 11 a.m. Burns Hargis announced the launch of “Branding Success,” an audacious new fundraising campaign with a goal of $1 billion dollars. The process started quietly two years ago when Hargis became president of Oklahoma State University. So far, with ample help from T. Boone Pickens, the campaign has already raised $537 million. With half of the billion going straight to student scholarships, I’d say this is something to celebrate!
More photos from the event after the jump.
P.S. They announced the OSUccess winners, and I unfortunately wasn’t one of them. Still, I’m glad I submitted regardless, because I had fun making my video, and definitely learned from it.

OSU’s “First Cowgirl” Ann Hargis whispers in Pisotol Pete’s ear.
Another photographer getting the shot.
The crowd gets excited.
OSU Pres. Burns Hargis gets things started.
Campaign Chairs Ross and Billie McKnight
Boone waiting in the wings.
Arguing about who should make the announcement about the additional $100 million
T. Boone Pickens was donating.


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