I correspond with David Sedaris, yeah, no big deal.

OK, so here’s the back story: last semester for my Media & Society class (which I LOVED, by the way, but that’s beside the point) we had an assignment to write about books in our lives, and part of the assignment was to write a letter to two of our favorite authors for the “engagement” portion of the process. So I chose JK Rowling and David Sedaris, and I don’t think I need to go into details why I chose them. (I am, however, planning a post about my favorite books/authors.) 
ANYWAY, over a month ago I got a form letter back from JK Rowling (click to make it bigger), 
along with a stock photo, which more than I expected, given the amount of fan mail she must get, and it was still pretty cool, especially with the Hogwarts letterhead at the top.
Also, here’s what I sent Rowling:

I was more hopeful about getting a response from David though, because I’d heard of fans getting postcards and obscure packages back from him. But today I went to check my mail and lo and behold there was a postcard addressed to me from David Sedaris! It was a complete shock and totally made my until-then-mediocre day!
Here’s my original letter for context:
(my thanks to my good friend Katie Twiss for the paint brush story)
And his postcard:

Yeah, no big deal, David Sedaris and I are pen pals now.
  1. Michael said:

    Quick question: When you sent JK Rowling a letter, did you provide an envelope/stamps for her to send back? Or did she provide that?

    • They sent it back on their own! But it was just a form letter from her people, not Jo herself, though it said she gets all fan letters forwarded onto her, so she may still read them.

  2. Sushantti Bordoloi said:

    I have been looking for a way to contact both the authors. Funny how you chose them both. And I have been trying to get in touch with them. Will you tell me how you got in touch with them?

  3. Anonymous said:

    Me too. I want to send a letter to David Sedaris but can only find his publicist’s email. That might be as good as it gets.

  4. Maddy said:

    What is his email? I met him last night and live your post!


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