Happy Birthday, Owen.

Never, ever get a cat as a kitten. You just don’t know how they’re going to turn out. That being said, despite his general dickish-ness, I love Owen regardless, and I can’t believe we haven’t had him around tormenting all of us for longer than 3 years. He’s the only pet I’ve ever had that was still a baby, and he was about 8 weeks when we got him. That’s the only reason we know when his actual birthday is. We’re not one of those families that throws our pets parties or weird crap like that.

My family feels very strongly about adopting animals, so we didn’t get him from a breeder. Instead, we adopted him from this (pretty crazy) lady who had just adopted him, but claimed she wouldn’t be about to keep him.

Happy birthday, Owen. Now get an attitude adjustment!

Trying to act innocent as a kitten.
Again with the act.
Showing his true colors.

Look how he’s asserting his dominance!



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