Happy Birthday Smart Mouths!

I want to wish Smart Mouth Podcast a very happy first birthday! I’ve been listening since the beginning and this podcast makes me laugh every time. What really makes the show are the hosts, and their personalities. The more you listen, the better you seem to get to know them. Anyone with a sense of humor will enjoy this show. It has several thousand listeners all over the world! The best part is that it covers a bit of everything, from political events to entertainment gossip to its ever popular “What the Fuck News” segment. If you’ve never listened to a Podcast, let this one open your ears. And if you’re a veteran listener, add this one to you download list. 
I got some awesome signed album art for donating to the show!
What are you waiting for?! Visit their site, follow them on twitter, fan them on facebook and/or visit their forums, where discussions of the hosts’ personal lives/sexual orientation quickly dissolve into debates about the best kind of baked good. The easiest way to download episodes is to search for them on iTunes under podcasts and subscribe!
And finally, a question for podcast listeners: what are your favorite shows? Your recommendations?
– Emily
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