Surprise Trip to Norman.

Last Friday my friend Katherine from Tulsa came to visit me and my roommate, Paige. Our friends at OU, Joe and Seth, were supposed to come up as well, but Joe’s car was out of commission, and Seth had a Haiti benefit to set up for that prevented them from making it. Therefore, Katherine, Paige and I hatched a plan to drive down to Norman to surprise Joe. We arrived around 2 p.m., and enlisted Joe’s roommate Ankit to let us in their room before Joe arrived. Then, I texted him that we wanted to Skype with him from Stillwater, and to hurry back to his dorm. So Joe came running in, and was sufficiently shocked. I think we almost gave him a heart attack, in fact ( not something that would be terribly hard to do, given his diet is 98% meat.)

After surprising the crap out of Joe, we went out to eat with him and his mother, who was also in town. Then we headed to OU’s field house for the benefit for Haiti that Seth had helped to organize. Unfortunately, there wasn’t as big a turnout as expected, but they still raised $3,500!
Joe, Paige, Katherine and I left the benefit to go to Second Wind, as coffee house that’s nonprofit in Norman. We then spent well over 3 hours playing a full game of Monopoly, of which Joe was the victor, despite Paige and Katherine giving me all their properties in hopes of conquering him. It was a fun night, and I’m not a sore loser, unlike some of the much-too-intense members of our group.
We headed back over to the benefit around 11, and spent the next 2 1/2 hours talking and catching up. Then we (Katherine, Paige and I) all piled back into Katherine’s CR-V and made the drive home.
Despite getting back at 3 a.m., the trip was definitely worth the late hours.
Joe’s Property
My Property
Katherine and Paige, when monopoly times were good.
Dealing out the dough.
See! Good sport!
Joe cannot contain his excitement.
Joe gives Paige a lift back to the benefit.
Joe and Seth.


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