Snow in Stillwater.

Yesterday morning I heard my alarm go off and (after hitting snooze a couple times) begrudgingly got up and opened my blinds. Outside waiting for me was this.

As soon as I looked outside, an instinctual excitement came over me. I couldn’t help it, I was immediately wide-awake and in an excellent mood. It was the first time in YEARS that snow caught me off-guard; in every other instance I knew it was coming and thanks to the Oklahoma weathermen, was expecting much more than there really was. The giddiness that I was feeling was exactly like the emotions that came over me when I was in elementary school and woke up to find the ground covered in a sheet of white. In fact, when I was little I used to run over to my windows and yank the blinds up, hoping to see a snowy backyard, even if it was late spring, or even summer.

So I got dressed, grabbed my stuff, and headed outside 25 minutes early with my camera to capture the experience on (pseudo) film.

Just outside the door.

It turned out it was more slush than snow on the ground, but that was okay.

It wasn’t quite cold enough to stay snow.

I loved that I was able to capture this. I do the very same thing when I think no one’s looking.

Capturing falling snow is just about the hardest thing I’ve tried to photograph.

Snow really tires some people out.
What I think is the most beautiful building on campus. It ties everything together.

Trees are so gorgeous in the winter.
And back inside to fulfill that actual “learning” part of the college experience.


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